Issuance of a Temporary Social Security Number (TSSN or “PAMKA”) for foreign tourism workers

If you are working for the tourism season in Greece, you should know that you could request a COVID-19 vaccine. How? By issuing your personal PAMKA number. A foreign worker that probably doesn’t have a Greek VAT number or an AMKA number, he/she could request a PAMKA or Temporary Social Security Number, by visiting a KEP -Citizens’ Service Center (CSC)- Office at a nearby area, in order to identify his/her personal information and obtain a temporary AMKA (PAMKA) number. The PAMKA number will be issued without further ado.  Once he/she receives the PAMKA he/she can book his/her appointment at a KEP or Pharmacy, if he/she is eligible to do so.You can read more details regarding the process here. You can find a KEP offices map by clicking here.

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