Information for tourists visiting Greece in 2021

After Greece’s exceptional attitude in handling the pandemic in the winter of 2021, the Ministry of Tourism is implementing a well-designed policy for all visitors of the country since May 14th.

All the measures regarding Greece’s visitors are presented in

In there, somebody can find and fill the PLF (Passengers Location Form) before his arrival to the country.

Once the visitor is in country, he can obtain many useful information about health issues in This site offers visitors the opportunity to download an application named VisitGreece, which contains various details about the spots for diagnosing tests during his visit and before his departure.

This initiative is part of the Greek government’s strategy for the safety of visitors and residents of the country, maintaining therefore a sense of security throughout the tourist-summer season.

All visitors are encouraged to download the Visit Greece app (GDPR compliant) for free (from App Store or Google Play) prior or upon arrival in Greece. #staysafe

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