Sustainable Development of Nautical Tourism & Enhancement of Small Ports of the Ionian Sea – PORTOLANES / INTERREG V-A GREECE – ITALY 2014-2020 PROGRAMME: Ταυτότητα Περιοχής PORTOLANES # PORTOLANES Area Brand

Deliverable 4.2.1. PORTOLANES Area Brand

The overall objective of the PORTOLANES project was to enhance cross-border cooperation between Greece and Italy on maritime tourism. More specifically, the project aimed to connect coastal areas with the mainland’s natural and cultural assets, create thematic routes and destination branding, contribute to the upgrade of tourism services and the preservation of natural and cultural assets as key prerequisites for sustainable development.

The present report aims at creating a comprehensive brand strategy for the project intervention area. It includes good practices in the fields of cross-border branding and international nautical tourism development, a description of the current situation of the intervention area, proposals for the development of the strategic identity of the region and the management and implementation of the branding strategy as well as the outline of a monitoring and evaluation system.

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